Andrew J. Blazewicz, Jr.

Consulting Forester

Serving Western and Central Pennsylvania

Forest Inventories, Timber Marketing, and Forest Management Strategy

Member ACF, SAF

Return On Investment

A skilled and experienced consulting forester offers you, the landowner, benefits far exceeding his fees.

Andrew J. Blazewicz, Jr., Consulting Forester represents you and your interests throughout the preparation and execution of your timber sale.  Not only can you command a premium on your forest products, you enjoy the additional benefits of having the professional guidance to ensure a smooth transaction, selection of the correct trees to harvest, and proper retirement of the sale area.

In most cases, Andy offers an initial consultation with no cost or obligation.  This preliminary assessment permits him to recommend services appropriate to your needs.  He will work with you to find the fee structure, whether per day, per acre, or percent of sale price, that fits your needs.

P.O. Box 40

Hollidaysburg, PA 16648